day of symmetry

What is special about February 20th, 2002 at 8:02PM?

That it is written 20/02/2002, 20:02.

[Translator's note: In Europe and South America the month and day are written in reverse of US practice.]

In order to celebrate such a remarkable event, we'll celebrate the Universal Day of Symmetry on February 20th.

We will celebrate it by exchanging materials, articles, creations and findings related to the ludic and recreational aspects of symmetry, which will be published simultaneously in this web-site on February 20th.

How to participate

All collaborations will be published on this web-site on February 20th, 2002.

The deadline to send collaborations is February 10th, 2002.

Anybody can participate in any language, although we recommend Spanish if possible.

There are no restrictions on the topic as far as the collaboration is related somehow to symmetry, taken from the ludic or playful point of view. For example, palindromes, ambigrams, puzzles with palindromic numbers, symmetry and music, symmetry in architecture, symmetry as a strategy in board games, photographs, etc.

There are no restrictions regarding the length. Collaborations might be as short as a palindrome or an extensive article.

Just for operating reasons, the total size of the collaboration should not exceed 200Kb. If your work exceeds that limit, contact us and we will try to solve the inconvenience.

If you want to participate, you may send your collaboration as an html file. If this is not possible, don't worry, you may send files in txt or rtf formats, or directly in the body of an e-mail. You can also send gif or jpeg files, but please contact us for other formats such as flash animations or java applets.

Please send your work to, indicating the information you would like to include with your collaboration: name, country and city, e-mail address, url of your personal web-page, etc.

Other activities

Please tell us if you are organizing other activities to celebrate this day, either virtually, or in 'real life'.

Translation: Marcia Levitus








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